When you read an interesting book you want to reach the next page as soon as possible.
The next page, the next door, new possibilities open up and reveal new emotion, new sensitivity.

One more read page would be nothing without previous experience that everyone has gone through on his own when following the previous pages of the book.
The theatre opens many doors, which let us delight it.
Although the theatre can take many different forms when expressing one and the same thought, it is all the same when it comes to one thing.
The theatre cannot lie.

The aim of Teatr Delikates is to make theatre full of tasty specialties.
It was created in 2006/2007 and its name was inspired by the shops called delicatessen.
The director of the theatre allows his audience sift through his asortment and interfere with the product in progres
which, in the final phase, is neatly wrapped and easily digested.
But only on the surface...